Day 53

I owe you all two extra posts! Hopefully, my evening will stay clear and I can catch up from the hiatus I took this weekend. In the meantime, here is the entry for this new week!

Prompt: A rainy afternoon.


I tap my pen on the desk unconsciously, staring out the window at the rain. The droplets hit the window at a slant, the wind carrying them off gravity’s path. They run together, complicated rivulets running down the glass.

“Mel, are you listening?”


Jade sighs. “You always do this. We start talking and a minute later you’re spacing out. Am I that boring?”

“Jade, no, it’s nothing to do with interest. I have trouble focusing. You know that.”

Another sigh. “I know. It’s just frustrating for me to talk to you sometimes.”

We’re quiet for a minute. I think about apologizing, reminding her once again that this is a me problem that has nothing to do with her, but it feels redundant. As the silence grows awkward, she breaks it.

“Want to go for a drive?”

I nod, putting my pen down and stuffing my notebook into my bag. She knows me well, despite the apparent grief I put her through.

The day is chilly, rain a steady drizzle that dampens us as we make a run across the lot. Her car is a mess as always, folders and books littering the back seat. I tuck my back under my feet, buckling in as Jade fires up the engine.

Fifteen minutes later, we’re on the nearest country road, driving between the two lanes, no headlights in sight. I curl up in the passenger seat, resting my forehead against the window. The glass is cold, colder than I expected, but it warms soon enough. From here, with the speed and the wind, the rain is dancing.

“Enjoying yourself?”

I laugh, nodding. “It’s beautiful out here, even in the rain.”

“You’re the only person I know that gets excited for it to rain. Us normal folk worry about where our rain boots are and what happened the the umbrella I swear I put away.”

“Rain washes everything away. It’s cleansing for me, inside and out.”

“Well it’s annoying to me. Let me know when you want to head back. I’m going to play some tunes.”

I go back to looking out the window, letting myself get lost in the rain, lost in the beauty of a cleaned slate. Jade gets antsy after about half and hour, sidelong glances asking if I’m reading to head back, to slip into that shell of reality. Are any of us ever ready for reality?


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