Day 49

Prompt: Write an entry about something that you can’t throw away.


Today is a little off script and will probably be a very short post. I lost a coworker and it hit home today. Never throw away time with the people you love. When I read the memorial blurb, I realized this coworker was a year younger than my father, and that is utterly terrifying for me.

I tend to get caught up in my own life, caught up in social events or planning or just being me, and (especially at times like this) I worry that I don’t appreciate my family enough. They have always been there for me, even when I was being a brat or selfish or mean. I remember all the times I cried on my dad’s lap as a kid. I remember all the nights my mom got out of bed to comfort me from stomach aches at 2am when she had to work at 8. I remember eating pizza and watching movies with my sister while my parents were out on date night.

Family is a gift. Dad, if you’re reading this, expect a lot of hugs tomorrow. I love you guys.


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