Day 48

Prompt: Write an entry about something that you can’t throw away.


“Offer’s open til tomorrow, Jas. Ball’s in your court now.”

He hangs up, the line switching to the ads that run instead of dial tones. I put the receiver on the hook slowly, brow furrowing, not sure how I feel about this… opportunity. Pulling my coat and hat on, I lock up the office and step out into the rain. It’s always raining here.

My coffee place is two blocks away, an eternity in this downpour. I stand at the entrance for a minute, letting the water drip from my coat before stepping inside.

“Afternoon, Jas.”

“Hey, Betty.”

She pours me a cup of coffee before I’ve sat down, sliding over powdered creamer. We’ve been out of the real stuff for years.

“Rough day, hun?”

“Something like that. Jakob has a job for me.”

She exhales slowly.

“Well shit,” she says, pulling a small flask out of her pocket and pouring a shot in my coffee. “What’s the job?”

“He wants me to find his daughter. Been missing since Tuesday.”

We’re silent for a moment, the rain rising in volume, almost deafening against the door.

“Are you going to take the job?”

I sigh, putting my hat back on.

“Don’t think I have much of a choice. Thanks for the coffee, Betty.”

I walk through the rain, letting my thoughts drift. It’s been years since I’ve seen Jakob. I used to do odd jobs under the table for him back when I was on the force, but that all ended. Now he’s asking favors again, asking for something I don’t know I can do.

It’s more dangerous to say no.


One Reply to “Day 48”

  1. I love this entry. I absolutely love this entry. It is sooooooooo noir-ish from “it’s always raining here” to “its more dangerous to say no.”
    raymond chandler would love it.


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