Day 39

New prompt for the week! This one is begging for sci-fi and horror, so I am starting off the week by going rogue and continuing Day 32.

Prompt: Write an entry inspired by what you can’t see.


Markus and I leave Julia behind, watching as she shuts down the power and locks herself in. I hope it’s enough to keep that thing out. Not that it has much of a reason to be interested in her with Markus and I tromping through the ship. 

It’s slow progress with the two of us jumping at every sound, our guns darting wildly as we look for a target. We reach the engineering bay after an hour, the door sealed and engines whirring uselessly, taking us nowhere. I nod to Markus before unlocking the door, his gun leveled and ready to fire.

The door slides open, lights blinking on in the dark room, small LEDs flickering to life on the panels of the control room. Beyond the control room we see the dull pulse of the core, the center of this ship, a small nuclear generator suspended in zero g. I walk into the control room, shouldering my gun and approaching the console. Markus stands behind me, watching both hallways as I work. Stopping the spinning is harder than you’d think. Usually, haulers want the reassurance of gravity, the illusion that this isn’t really the dead cold of space. Once I turn off the control panels for the spinning, the core needs to be reset.

I tap Markus on the shoulder, tilting my head toward the core. He nods, falling in line and watching behind us. I leave him at the door, pushing off from the last grips of gravity into the freedom of zero g. He immediately continues spinning away from me. I watch him move in a circle around me as I drift toward the core. It’s a minute before I catch the side of the core, pulling myself around to see the control panel. As I log in, the scanner whirring and detecting my identity, I catch movement out of the corner of my eye. Shit.

It moves so fast I’m not even sure I saw it. A streak of black across the dark background of the control room and Markus is firing. I swear, initiating the restart, praying he can hold it off for a moment longer. The core dims for a moment, the electric whir quieting before resuming as it restarts. The outer core slows its rotation, Markus kicking off into the core room to join me. I hold where I am, afraid to use my mag boots in case it disrupts the electric components surrounding me.

The alien is coming toward us, arms flailing in the lack of gravity as it drifts slowly. I’ll have one shot to grab Markus and launch us both back toward the control room. He looms closer, the monster mere feet behind, and I tense my legs. I grab his arm as soon as he enters my space and launch abruptly, speeding us away from the monster. It crashes down next to the control panel, almost bouncing away, managing to dig one taloned foot into the ground to push itself off by. It’s learning quickly. That’s not good.

We reach the control room and I immediately click my mag boots on, holding myself to the floor as I take off in the strange run of spacewalkers, keeping one foot connecting to the floor at all times. The door slides open into the hallway we came from. I let Markus pass me, planting both feet and firing behind me. It’s almost to the control room, flailing pathetically in the zero g.

Now it’s a fair fight.


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