Day 35

Thursdays have been a mess these past two weeks! Hopefully my schedule will calm down next week. Here’s the post I started writing yesterday 🙂

Going rogue and continuing Day 34! Prompt: What’s behind the door? Why is it closed?


We creep through the sewer tunnel, silent in the false shadow I’ve drawn around us. There’s a winking light ahead, the small flicker of a torch. I draw my bow, notching an arrow and preparing for a fight. Behind me, the crackle of Emilia’s arcane energy makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. She’s more dangerous than she looks, a trait that drew us into this unlikely partnership in the first place.


Always, Neyra.

Let’s have some fun then, shall we?

I aim at the center of the dark blot beneath the torch, loosing. The arrow sings through the air, sparkling with lightning as it strikes through the chest of the goblin. The lightning crackles and jumps, hitting three other goblins and lighting up the tunnel. A blast of arcane energy from behind me and they go flying.

There are five of them in total, one gurgling against the wall holding the arrow in his chest. Two more are face down in the water, steaming from the shock. One lies crumpled on the ledge, bones turned to mush by Emilia’s magic. I loose another arrow, catching the last one through the throat before he can call a warning. Goblins rarely travel in groups so small; this was probably a patrol.

Nicely done, Emilia.

You as well, Neyra. Patrol?

Looks like. Feel like a bit of hunting?

Of course.

I retrieve my two arrows, wiping the black goo of goblin blood off before putting them back in my quiver. We proceed quietly.

Ten minutes later and we’re outside the goblin hold. There are two guards on either side of a rudimentary wooden door, torches over their head burning brightly in the dank sewer. Emilia places her hand on my shoulder.

Wait here.

I nod, watching as her form shifts and swirls, turning into the dark, deadly water of Calypso’s kiss. She slides into the canal, a streak of dark through the night.

Take the guards out. There’s four and the chief in here.

Happy hunting.

I feel her smile in my mind, the caress of mental speech something I had missed in the long years I spent without my tribe. I take a deep breath and aim, releasing two arrows in quick succession, dropping the goblins without a sound. The door is locked, a hiccup I’m processing as I hear the thunderous sound of Calypso’s fury. I duck to the side just in time to avoid being hit by the goblin flying through the door.

Inside, Emilia towers, a goblin trapped in the dark water of her form. The chief hefts a greataxe, my arrow singing true into his bicep. The axe clatters to the floor as he spits.

“You dare challenge me!” he yells in goblin.

“Challenge is a generous word for what you are,” I reply in the brackish tongue, sinking an arrow between his eyes.

Emilia’s form swirls together, coalescing into a half-elf. She dries out by the fire as I collect trinkets from the area, most likely things stolen from Elsa and her patrons. Emilia lights a cleansing blaze as we head back toward the tavern, wiping all trace of the goblins from the tunnels.

Elsa smiles as we return, thanking us for taking care of the problem. We share a whiskey before retiring to our room.

“That’s where we’ll end it for today,” the DM says. “Good session!”

“Excellent fun!” I say, stretching and checking my watch. “Same time next week?”

“You know it!” my sister says, high-fiving me.

Our small party disbands, heading out into the night, minds abuzz with the creative magic of a night well-spent.


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