Dad’s D-30

A continuation of Day 25 in which Wendy sits on the third-floor porch of a frat house, avoiding the party that is going on below.  A friend, Max, has joined her.


“I think I’ve had too much beer,” Max said, staring over the edge of the third-floor balcony on which he and Wendy sat.

“Everyone at this party has had too much beer.”

“But I think I’m on the high end of the passage.  Either that or all the tree tops down there are actually swirling in circles.”

“They’re blowing in the wind a little bit,” Wendy said, “but I wouldn’t say they are swirling in circles.”

“That’s what I thought.  Would you mind if I went inside right now.  Maybe I’ll come back up here when the trees settle down.”

“That’s fine, and I don’t mind being alone up here for a few more minutes.”

“Right,” Max said.  “You mentioned that everyone at the party is pretty boring.”

Wendy had been staring at the trees that weren’t swirling in circles, but at that moment she turned to Max and said, “I’m not saying that.  It’s me not them.  I just can’t get interested in the usual things.”

“Right.  I’m going inside now,” Max said, and he rose into a crouch, not wanting to risk a full- altitude stand-up –even Wendy appeared to have started to sway around.  “I’ll send Jane up to see you. She’s usually pretty interesting.”

Before Wendy could protest, Max lurched back into the house.  Wendy thought about going back into the frat house and looking for someone she would enjoy talking to, but the thought of the crowded hallways, the thumping stereo, and the cups of beer that tottered from the back of every couch and lurked everywhere on the floor, was too despressing, so she stayed in her seat, watching as cars passed by on the street three stories below.  


Just when she had begun to enjoy the way in which the headlights from the cars and the street lamps and the light coming through the houses along the street all seemed connected somehow, like a web that was trying to catch people as they passed by, Jane appeared:  “Max told me that you were alone up here and needed company.”

“That’s not exactly what I told him.”

“He said you thought the party was boring and that all the people were boring and that your hair reminded him of wheat.”

“I didn’t tell him those first two things, and the third thing is true but kind of weird.”

“He really likes you.”

“He’s sweet.”

“He thinks you don’t like him.  He said that you weren’t interested in anything he had to say.”

“That’s not what I think at all.”

“Then what do you think because it’s starting to seem like you’ve got some kind of princess complex.”

“I don’t think I can explain the way I feel.”




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