Day 28

Look what I found in my drafts this morning. Sorry for the late update! Prompt: Write about staying quiet when you feel like shouting.


I crept along the catwalk, soft soles quiet on the metal frame. Beneath me, workers swarmed like ants, carrying boxes of tech to be shipped overseas. I zoomed in, blinking twice to capture the label on the boxes as well as the content inside. This would be enough proof to make a move against Ameritech.

Now to escape.

I moved forward, glancing down nervously, one neck stretch away from being noticed by a worker. This was the kind of situation I was told never to get into when I signed on for this corporate espionage. The catwalk shook ominously as if predicting a death.

As I neared the end, the sound of steps echoed: I was about to have company. I quickly slid over the side, grabbing the chains beneath. The jagged metal cut deep as I hung below the catwalk, dripping blood down my arm. I clenched my jaw, staying silent, watching the pair of heavy boots walk over my head. When they were halfway across, I pulled myself back up and wrapped my hand and arm with my jacket.

I found luck as I snuck down, narrowly avoiding being seen, making it out of the factory without triggering an alarm. The cut on my hand was deep and throbbing on the drive back. Damien was waiting when I arrived.

“Do you have the proof?” he asked, ignoring my blood-soaked jacket.

I nodded, the sleep of blood loss setting in. He took me inside, sitting me in a chair and connecting a cable behind my ear. The download took seconds. He reviewed the footage for a couple silent minutes before nodding to the tech nearby. I feel a pressure on my neck as my vision swims to darkness.


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